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7 Weeks of THEMED Tournament of Champions fun with Sports Zone 101




For Kids Grades K – 6

Welcome back to our 5th summer vacation in Stoneham!

This summer is going to be a lot of fun for many kids.  In all our action-packed weeks, kids will participate in a variety of games, such as street hockey, soccer, football, battleship, four corners, dodgeball, basketball and many others during our fun-filled week. In addition to learning the fundamentals of these sports, we will have exciting discussions about current events in sports, good sportsmanship and understanding the cool statistics on sports cards.  Each participant will receive a daily pack of cards as a major prize. These prizes help emphasize value and are a fun way to enhance learning! 

For this special Summer Vacation Program, all kids will be divided into their proper age groups upon arrival. Kids will get a chance to play against their friends in friendly competition. 


Each of our weeks this upcoming summer will have a “SPECIAL THEME”.  Please make sure to check which theme our weeks will be.  All programs will provide each child the opportunity to play all their favorite games each week!

This program is open to both boys and girls.

Come and play like a champion!

PRICE FOR WEEK:   $129 for the full day; $75 for AM only                 

FULL DAY: 9am to 3pm

HALF DAY: 9am to 12pm, 12pm to 3pm

DROP-IN: $25 for half day, $40 for full day

LOCATION: Stoneham Auditorium/Steele Playground Field

What Should Kids Bring? NUT FREE Snack, NUT FREE Lunch, Water bottle,

WEEK 6: July 27th- July 31st (OLYMPIC GAMES WEEK)

Our theme this week will be dedicated to the 2020 Summer Olympics. 

In celebration of the 2020 Summer Olympics, our students will go head to head in individual and team sports challenges for a chance at The Olympiad Trophy Prize. Every win will earn points towards each team’s tournament score, but it’s not all about winning at Sports Zone 101. Each team, and each child, can have the opportunity to bring their team score up or down based on their behavior. Special prizes may be rewarded too, based on performance, knowledge, sportsmanship, integrity, and much more…!

WEEK 7:  August 3rd - August 7th (NERF/BUBBLE BALL WEEK)

Welcome to Bubble land for Week 7!  We will be running our Nerf/Knockerball tournament. Kids will get a chance to participate in Nerf competitions with their friends and get use our bubbles throughout various games in the week. We will have special missions, objectives, target practice, and individual/team challenges designed to improve teamwork and sportsmanship! Kids are welcome to bring their own NERF equipment; however it should be properly labeled.

*SZ101 provides all equipment for the week!*

WEEK 8: August 10th-August 14th (Boston Bruins Week)

Our theme this week is based on all things Boston Bruins.  We will be playing tournament style games of floor hockey.  We will talk about some great games, moments, and offer a special Bruins prize to a lucky child at the end of the week.  Kids are welcome to share their special prizes with the group throughout the week for a chance at a Bruins prize! *All equipment is provided by SZ101*

WEEK 9: August 17th-August 21st (Action Hero Week)

This week of games and competitions will feature some of the kids favorite action heroes.  Games this week will include special elements involving characters such as Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Wonder Woman, Bumble Bee, and others.  Can you help be one of the heroes in our games this week?  Calling all action heroes to this week of SZ101 fun!

WEEK 10:  August 24th- August 28th (Kids vs. Coaches)

This week the kids will participate in fun games against our coaches.  Competitions will include many of our favorite games in tournament style format.  Kids will get a chance to organize fair teams, make the rules, and learn how to manage/coach their friends.  Our Sports Zone staff will help guide and lead all kids when deemed necessary.