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Kids learn the in's and out's of safely staying home alone

Home Alone Safety, is a newly formed readiness program to better prepare your children to be alone before and after school. This program is a stepping stone for younger kids, to prepare them for what is to come, and for older kids that are seeking a better understanding and that need reinforcement of what they are experiencing. This course will teach basic safety rules and help build self-confidence, sense of responsibility and decision-making abilities through a variety of fun interactive activities and discussions, including acting and role playing. Knowing when your child is ready to stay home alone is a difficult decision; preparation can make the transition much easier for you and your child. Topics include but are not limited to:

This course discusses:
· Child safety
· Strategies to look after yourself for short periods of time
· Maintaining an emergency contact list
· Arriving home safely
· How to prevent injuries or problems by creating a safe and positive environment
· Fire safety
· Key, Internet, and Telephone Safety
· Stranger danger & not-so-stranger danger
· Basic first aid
· How to handle real-life situations and emergencies
· When & how to get help
· Being aware of your surroundings
· 10 Things to do while you are home alone
· And more It is recommended to bring a snack.

Pamphlets and handouts will be provided. Certificates will be given at end of course.

DATE: Sunday, August 23rd
TIME: 9am-12pm
LOCATION: Rec Park Field House
AGES; 10+
PRICE: $35.00