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Conduct 100's of experiments but shhh its Top Secret!

Join us for SHHH Top Secret Science! Each day the kids will explore up to 20 weird and wacky hands-on science experiments. THE BEST PART; Most experiments are things you can bring home with you! Throughout the week, we will create over 100 experiments. With a teach to student ratio of 15:1, Students will work in groups with an instructor to explore the weird motions and flying things, air and water pressure; crazy chemistry, light and sound. science magic, electricity, magnets, astronomy and more! Be prepared for lots of fun stuff. It is a wonderful 6 hours of science each day.

Grades: K-4th Grade
Program Dates: July15- July 19
Location: Stoneham Town Hall
Class Time: 9am-3pm
Program Cost: $179.00