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Join Stoneham Rec and Stoneham TV for this NEW FULL DAY program to teach kids about producing TV shows

During "Video Explorers", you will learn to use digital video cameras, microphones and other video equipment as you will produce TV shows that will be produced on Stoneham's Public Access Channel! Our new FULL DAY program offers the same fun but more advanced look into podcasts, movie creation and even a tour of a Boston News Studio!

This program will not only build your creative and technical skills but will reinforce teamwork because it takes a collaborative effort of a group to make a TV Show. Together we will share our hometown spirit for Stoneham while learning about the importance of our 1st Amendment Right, Fredom of Speech.

Dates: Monday, July 30th - Friday, August 3rd
Time: 9:00am-3:00pm NEW FULL DAY PROGRAM
Location: Stoneham TV, Stoneham
Ages: 9 years-13 years
Cost: $99.00