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Sports Zone 101 and Stoneham Rec form NEW Ultimate Frisbee League for kids!

Have you ever seen kids forget to pass the ball to anyone else on their team? Have you seen the local star athlete steal the show while the other kids look around wondering why they never get the ball? We have certainly seen it with our students, and that is one reason we love Ultimate so much at Active Education. Ultimate Frisbee gives all students an opportunity to participate because it requires passing, communication, and strategic movement. Also, Ultimate is a great sport to get involved in because it promotes continuous movement and is inherently non-contact. Running just to run can be boring, but your students will get a wealth of exercise and have loads of fun by participating in our Ultimate Disc League!

Saturday Mornings (5 Weeks)
May 9th-June 6th
Ages 9+
Location: Pomeworth Field