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SZ101 offers dozens of games and cool experience of playing video games on a 120 Inch screen every week

The earliest recorded game in history likely dates back to 3500 BCE. Games have come a long way since then, but the excitement, challenge, and thrill of victory still make games incredibly fun. One downside of how far games have come, is that you never know who you might run into online. We want to take that risk away, at least a little bit each week. In addition, sometimes it is just hard to find friends who want to sit down and play a game! This program will be a mixture of adventure tabletop games, strategic board games, and sports related video games. This program will not include games that involve violence, gambling, or inappropriate themes.

We supply all games, but if your child has a board game he or she would like to bring in to show the class, that is perfectly fine. We may even play the game if time allows! If you have questions about this program, we want to hear from you. We can be reached at any time at!

Friday Afternoons

(12:30pm-2:00pm on 10/11)
(9/27/19 - 10/25)
Stoneham Town Hall
Grades K-5th