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Join Computer Specialists for this professionally based computer programming program for kids!

Introduction to Computer Programming with Python

Stoneham Recreation / Blackrock Networks, Inc. will be offering an Introduction to Computer Programming class to Stoneham students starting this Fall. Classes fill fast and space is limited.  We keep the class size small because most of the kids will be new to "real" computer programming, and they will need extra hand holding at the start.  Register early to secure your spot.

Location: TBA

Day: Wednesday (Class Begins 10/3/18)

Duration: 15 weeks

Price: $485.00 (Payable to Stoneham Recreation)

Instructor: Blackrock Networks, Inc. / Software Developer

Class Description

The class is a 15 weeks course (over 4-5 months), taught by a software developer. We will cover the basics of "real" computer programming in Python, an easy to learn language that is used today in many companies.  The children will learn how to read, write, and modify basic Python programs.  We will learn about variables, loops, if-then-else statements, and functions.  Some of the topics we will cover include how to use Python to do math problems, draw pictures, write a quiz, make secret messages, and do cool things in Minecraft (Pi Edition).

Previous typing experience is very beneficial. Previous programming experience is not expected. The class material is challenging and is best suited for students who like computers and enjoy problem solving. 

This 15 week class is the first in a series of 4.  Students who wish to learn more about computer programming, can continue on with more advanced material in our Python Level 2, Python Level 3, and Python / Web Programming  Level 4 classes.

Required Supplies: There is an additional one-time cost to purchase the Raspberry Pi educational computer and keyboard. You can find the links to Amazon on our website at . This includes the cables, SD card and keyboard. The children will use it for their classwork and homework.  They will be required to bring it with them to class each week.  For homework, children will need access to a screen / TV that supports HDMI.  If you already own a Raspberry Pi 3, you do not need to purchase a new one.  Please confirm the version with us first. 

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Here are some comments we received from parents of previous students.

"He had an amazing experience and LOVED this class (and the homework!). Can't say enough about it -- just wish more kids could experience it!"

"Class was focused, organized and thoughtful. The homework was great."